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4 Useful SEO Tips for Small Businesses to Improve Online Prominence

Advent of the Internet has opened up prospects for the world of business and commerce. But, at the same time it has brought unbelievable competition too. In this situation, how can small businesses survive in the ongoing digital age? Both business owners and SEO experts all over the world are searching for the right solution to the problem. Read on to know what search engine optimisers in London are thinking to overcome the challenge.

According to experts working at a reputed local SEO company in Manchester, even the website having the best design needs to be optimised for the search engines. Otherwise, it will never show up in organic searches and attract visitors. As a small business owner, you don’t need to master the science and the art of search engine optimisation to rank your website higher on SERP.

1)Go for on-page SEO:

You can take a small step at a time to improve online prominence of your business website. On-page SEO is most important aspect for search engines to understand what your site is all about. It is a good idea to start with this aspect to drive more visitors to your business. Here are some tips on it:

  • Make sure that a webpage title correctly describes the information the page contains.
  • Keep the URLs (i.e. web address of your pages) short.
  • Insert the relevant keywords or popular search phrases naturally, within the first 100 words in a page content.

Experts at a local SEO company  say, these tactics pay off handsomely, if they are properly implemented.

2)Select your keywords carefully:

For small businesses, it is a lost battle while trying to improve ranking with competitive search phrases. Big brands are already in competition with popular keywords. Therefore, it is better to select keywords that have less competition. This is where long-tail keywords become relevant. Focus on long-tail keywords with less competition to get desired results.

3)Quality and relevancy of your external links:

Experts from a local SEO agency in Manchester suggest to focus on the quality and relevancy of your external links. Quantity of your site’s external links does matter to make your site appear trustworthy to search engines. But, quality and relevancy of those links are even more important. Suppose, you offer plumbing service and your site gets links from a sports nutrition blog. In such cases, Google will simply consider it a spammy link and you will not enjoy any benefit from it. Rather, it can affect your site’s ranking on Google SERP.

4)Use the free tools:

Google offers a number of free tools, like Google Analytics, to monitor your website traffic. Do not hesitate to use these tools, if you are really serious about expanding your business. Also focus on Google Search Console to target those keywords that customers are using  to find you on the web

Remember that SEO experts can only help in generating traffic for a website. But, your business will actually improve only when you provide visitors with great online experience after they have arrived at your business website.



Influence Your SEO Initiative with AdWords Campaign

SEO Initiative with AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords is an advertising system from Google, which is a paid service to advertise product and services online. Marketers need to pay only when people click on those ads or call marketers. In case of AdWords, marketers need to bid for the keywords in a certain niche. The higher likelihood the keywords are the more it increases the chance of appearing WebPages on Search Engine Search Result Page. If you are only bidder for a given keyword, you will be forced to pay the maximum amount per click, irrespective of your bidding amount. Find how AdWords campaign can facilitate your local SEO in edinburgh market.

Connection between AdWords and SEO: google-adwordsAdWords can influence the organic rankings over the time. Trust elements and brand popularity that you have earned so forth, influence online ranking of your webpage. In this case, AdWords is a very effective means to increase the brand search activity that can give direct benefit on organic search rankings and maximises the lead generation.  Although, marketers need to understand that SEO traffic is long-term, whereas, AdWords traffic stops with the end of campaign. Well, the good news is, local SEO services run a full-fledged SEO campaign and AdWords at the same time, on the same site.

Advertisers need to bid for keywords: adword keywordIf you have an online business, you need to qualify as advertiser or need to outsource skills. Advertisers with Google AdWords program bid for keywords and need to plan a budget. Some keywords cost more and some cost less. You have to choose keywords according to your budget. If you find keywords at a high cost-per-click, it creases the chance of appearing your ad at first page of Search Engine Search Result Pages.
If your local SEO marketing approach is suitable for cost-per-click bidding system, you need to pay a certain amount to Google every time someone clicks on your ad. You will be given privilege to allow maximum cost-per-click (CPC) for you advertisement. Maximum CPC is the highest amount of money that you will pay for each click on your ads. If you are beginner in this filed, it would be better to start with lowest amount.

How to improve the quality of the ads: improve quality adsIt requires professional assistance to tweak ads according to your target customer. The first and foremost thing that you should do is making your website responsive first and finds whether that can be accessed via mobile or not. Avoid the use of lengthy one and choose keywords having fewer characters, targeted for mobile users.
Additionally, it can increase the visibility of your ad, if you include keywords in the text intended for an ad. It is an important consideration to set keyword, based on the need of prospective buyers.

Many people doubt whether your organic traffic get any benefit from AdWords or not. Even, many enquire that two techniques are independent of each other. Well, this is somewhat true as AdWords traffic stops as soon as your campaign is over. However, based on your site’s layout, accessibility and your service quality they visitors may get back to your website. Ask your local SEO company in UK to integrate call forwarding and call tracking option to gain competitiveness in local business listing. Try to optimise your landing pages, so that buyers from different segment can find your website appealing just after clicking on a particular ads.

Find Efficiency of Your Local SEO Service Provider

Efficiency of SEO Service Provider

Even if you are armed with lot of proven methods of a successful SEO effort, there will still be the need of a good SEO Company in order to achieve the most desired result. Strong knowledge of SEO is hardly sufficient for achieving good ranking of your website. For starters, people need to understand the need of fully optimized elements, besides regular maintenance of website. You must not forget that SEO is a continuous process that demands constant labor and time to maintain the website ranking.  You could find many SEO companies around you, and before choosing one of them, it requires these few points to be considered:

  1. Site evaluation guide: An SEO company in Manchester offers site evaluation guide that includes extensive analysis of your site. The analysis will include ranking and design structure of the website that can perform website audit. The audit result will allow understanding how much work needs to be done more to increase website ranking.
  2. Backlinks to the website: Find those websites, which can help you in achieving high-quality backlinks. Any of the best SEO Companies will be able to obtain high-quality backlinks from the websites, which are related to your niche.
  3. SEO technique: A good SEO company does not mislead the services, i.e., use of white hat techniques like, keyword optimization, use of creative contents can only increase the rank of the website. Most SEO Companies knows the utilization of spam advertising methods that can rank your website in no time, but keeping such dishonest practices can throw you away from Google indexing services or leave you blacklisted from further use of such services.
  4. The timeline: Look for the timeline provided by your Local SEO service provider. Ask them about the plans and related time frame that they will be working on, to achieve the desired result. For example, some company claim to bring you on the very first page of search results within 10 days. If we start exploring realistically, no professional SEO company will be able to guarantee number 1 position in Google and that is within 10 days. It is to note that it takes 6-18 months to deliver an expected outcome.
  5. Figure out the most optimized keywords: Various tools are there to find the list of effective keywords. In addition to this, what methodology you use to evaluate keywords is important to consider. Use of such basic tools, like keyword planner in Google AdWords can help you provide diligence in keywords analysis.
  6. Affordability: A reliable and affordable SEO company is able to figure out the amount of work to be included to run your SEO campaign, as per unique business requirement. However, SEO experts suggests that charging high amount of money does not ensures a high quality service, rather the reliable one will give you the list of services, on which the price and performance will be based on.

Before hiring the right SEO Company that provide services in Birmingham, it is advised to find out whether they know the difference between plain and targeted traffic. The reason behind raising this point is to attract the traffic that is genuinely interested in purchasing your products and services. The strategy is entirely based on the optimized keywords that can generate leads.

How To Improve Local SEO Ranking for Your Brand

local SEO services

When you search for a location-based keyword, (for example, “SEO company in London”) how does Google interpret it to show relevant results? A lot studies have been done by SEO experts all over the world, including London, to get to the bottom of this mystery. Google mentions three factors that affect search results in which location-based keywords are used. These are:

  1. Relevance – how far your business’ local listing matches with what users are looking for
  2. Location or distance – how far is your business located from the geographical location mentioned in a search string
  3. Prominence – how reputed is your business

Experts providing local SEO services in Bristol offer few helpful tips to optimise your website on the three factors mentioned above.

Work on Google My Business profile:

According to experts, the most important thing to secure good ranking in local searches is completing the Google My Business profile for your brand. This can be done in three easy steps.


Provide detailed information to fill up your profile and this should include your business hours, contact number, physical address and category. Verify your exact location so that you can be seen on Google Maps and on Google SERP when people near your business search for something relevant to your brand. You should take care to maintain uniform name, address and phone number (NAP) of your business across other pages in the Internet.  The better your Google My Business profile is, the better ranking you can expect in local listings.

Factor of prominence or reputation:

Google My Business profile helps you on the aspects of relevance and location, but not on prominence of a brand. Thus, experts offering local SEO services for businesses rely on traditional organic SEO strategies to achieve success. They count on more positive ratings and reviews for a brand to improve its prominence to the search engine and this approach actually work.

review-summaryWork on generating positive reviews:

In the 3-pack result mentioned above, Google Reviews make the most prominent factor. Make sure, once visitors click on to get the more detailed profile of your brand, they get an elaborate review summary along with the real snippets of recent reviews posted by your customers. This approach will help to create a positive impression about your business in your visitors.

Use photographs:

After the second click, photos of your business establishment appear on your detailed local listing. Therefore, uploading photos is an important strategy in local business SEO marketing.

Remember, Google Local Search is undergoing constant changes almost every moment. The search engine is keen to provide all the helpful information to searchers in local listing results. It is a good idea to use Google local search yourself on regular basis. You can search for your business rivals and see for yourself what other features in the Google My Business profile they are focusing on to enjoy greater prominence. This is a smart way to stay updated on the Google latest trends.  If you follow the strategies mentioned above, your brand will enjoy greater prominence in Google Local search results.

Local SEO Guide on Properly Mobile Optimised Landing Pages

Local SEO Guide on Properly Mobile Optimised Landing Pages


Improved technology now allows people to perform their everyday tasks from their handheld smartphones and tablets. In this circumstance, the world is gradually becoming less dependent on desktops and laptops. To put it in other words, surfing the Internet through handheld gadgets is the current craze. Thus, businesses all over the world including London are couting on mobile devices on aspects like marketing and lead generation across the digital space. In order to stay in the competition, it is essential to optimise business websites for delivering smooth and memorable mobile experience to users. Creating captivating landing pages is the basic foundation that mobile optimisation is based upon.

What is basics of local SEO ?

landrover_mobileIf your local SEO guide has not yet brought up the topic with you, it is better to take proactive measure and knock him on this. Actually, Google has till date penalisation innumerable websites for ignoring the importance of landing page optimisation for mobile users.

It is important to remember in this context:

  1. Just making a good looking landing page is not same as an optimised landing page for mobile users.
  2. Your landing page should also be engaging in terms of adjusting itself to different screen sizes and functionalities.

According to local SEO services near Manchester,  the efforts mentioned above will not only save from Google penalisation but also bring you quality leads at the same time.

How to make landing pages attractive on handheld devices ?

First of all, it is important to remember that there are too many types of mobile gadgets available these days. The devices have a wide variety of features and capabilities. Thus, while optimising your landing page, it is essential to cater to a large range of user expectations. Moreover, your optimisation technique should also take into account the large variety of user behaviours on the Internet. It is just not possible to address all these contrasting issues with a single solution. Rather, you need to resolve all these challenges by addressing them differently.


  1. Our SEO experts providing   local SEO Service  for your local business are of the opinion that segmentation of landing pages can help to solve all the issues successfully. Thus, the days of a single landing page design are over now. It is essential to create different landing pages, each with unique look and feel for different segments of your targeted traffic.
  2. Make sure that the landing page copy and the marketing email copy must be consistent with one another.
  3. Both the landing page and the copy of the marketing email should have some real value proposition.
  4. Headlines in the both should be same and identical, as well as perfectly optimised for queries across the search engines.

Local SEO tips from experts include making optimum usage of blank spaces to facilitate quality engagement for users. Make attractive CTA’s (Call To Action )with lots of white space around the CTA buttons. It is also necessary to create short and crispy forms to make your landing pages perfectly optimised for all categories of handheld electronic gadgets.The tips provided above are helpful to secure quality leads as well as improve conversion rates.